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I'm Lance Jeffers.

I help busy people lose fat for good without relying on restrictive fad diets, overpriced and unnecessary supplements, or unsustainable levels of exercise.

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Tired of feeling like you can't find the support and answers you need when it comes to your fitness and nutrition?

I've been in the fitness and nutrition industry for a while now

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That's why I created my free Fat Loss Made Simple coaching group--to provide support, clarity, and solutions at no cost to you. If you couldn't already tell by browsing this website, I'm a big believer in helping people out a bit without charging them an arm and a leg.

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Success Stories

"Lance is a great trainer that pushes me hard to get the results I want. I originally started with Lance to help lose weight. I quickly discovered I was losing significant weight and gaining muscle definition. I look the best I’ve ever looked with my muscle definition and that is at 48 years old."

-Eric Sawyer

Mesa Personal Trainer

"It's definitely a complete turnaround. I've lost like 10 pant sizes and gone down 2 shirt sizes, so I can definitely enjoy life a lot more.

People definitely treat you differently"

-Jacob Nanney

Ready to Achieve Life-Lasting Results Without Giving Up all the Foods you Love?