About Me - Physique Results

How I went from "fluffy and unhappy" to helping hundreds of other people look great naked.

(Oh, and they also achieved some better health too, but I know most people are here for the "look great naked" part)

I'll be honest with you... you've been misled

You see the before and after photo above?

I intentionally got a little overweight in the before picture.

These photos were taken during the beginning and end of the 2018 summer, and I had already been a practicing Trainer and Nutritionist for roughly 3 years by that point.

So why get overweight in the first place?

After all, aren't coaches supposed to "walk the walk?"

Well, I figured that the ultimate way to walk the walk was to prove that my methods work really well for losing fat without the use of overpriced supplements, gimmicky workout gear, or spending 12 hours a week at the gym.

I mean sure, I've already proven that my methods work with a lot of my own clients (as you can see if you visit the Success Stories page), but I've noticed that a lot of people want a trainer who has been through it themselves.

So I got a little fluffy.

I ate junk food constantly, ate out regularly, and you bet your ass that I was snacking all the time at night.

Didn't take too long for the abs to go away and be replaced by a soft belly.

Now before I go any further, let me be clear: I know that for some people reading this page, even looking like my before picture would be awesome. When you're 100 pounds overweight, the idea of only being 20-30 pounds overweight sounds like a major improvement.

And I get that.

I've worked with clients who were 300+, 400+, and even a few that weighed more than 500 pounds.

I don't want to make it seem like just because I intentionally got a little overweight suddenly I understand the struggle of being severely overweight for years.

No, what my "experiment" was about was proving that my methods work for anyone.

They worked for my client Jacob, who started out weighing roughly 324 pounds at 5'11" and got down to roughly 200.

They worked for my client Michelle, who lost 50 pounds within just a few months of working with me.

And they also work for people who might not be severely overweight and just want some abs for the summer.

Because that's the beauty of having an approach based on science. It works, as long as you know how to apply it. And I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I'm really damn good at helping my clients apply it in their own lives.

Okay, but why trust me?

After all, how did I become such a knowledgeable guy when it comes to fitness and nutrition?

Well, why I might not have started off overweight (I actually started off as a scrawny dude), I probably had a similar path you did.

When I started out, I was super pumped to see results and achieve a body I could feel more confident in.

I dived into reading everything I could online, trying to find the "best" way to do things and learning how I could achieve the fastest results possible. After all, none of us want to wait forever to achieve our goals, right?

So I tried out the fitness routines I saw online and changed up my diet to be what everyone said it should be, and I applied myself. I was VERY consistent and meticulous with my effort.

And I wound up with jack-shit to show for it.

After months of busting my ass, I barely looked any different. It felt like I was doing everything the internet had said to do, but I was still just going in circles.

And don't even get me started on the expensive supplement bill I had managed to rack up during that time. All the promises of "40%" more growth!" had turned out to be as true as Flat Earth Theory.

It was discouraging, to say the least. I actually wound up giving up on the gym for a bit because of it all.

But eventually that little voice in the back of my head that wasn't satisfied with my body kept bugging me again, so I tried a slightly different route.

I read some actual books (borderline textbooks really) from people I trusted and who seemed to be "evidence-based" to try to get a better understanding of the actual science. 

Being a bit of a nerdy dude my entire life, I figured that there must be some science-based methods that would work for me. I refused to believe that somehow I was the only person on the planet who couldn't achieve some degree of progress.

Lo and behold, after reading some of those books I started to realize that everything I had thought was right before, was actually dead wrong. It turns out that most of the stuff you read and watch online about fitness and nutrition aren't written by people who actually understand the science, they're written by anonymous schmucks who are just trying to generate page views and advertising revenue.

Same thing went for the supplement industry. Once I started learning which supplements actually worked, I was shocked to learn that 99% of supplements on the market don't do anything other than burn a hole in your wallet.

Armed with the truth and some actual science, I got back into the gym and started seeing some actual progress for once in my life. While I didn't weep tears of joy or anything, I was definitely happy to finally start getting somewhere.

So I kept diving deeper...

I started reading actual research, then realized I was actually becoming pretty knowledgeable.

Why not use that knowledge to make a living helping other people?

I got a personal training certification and a nutrition one as well, before getting a job at my local gym.

I figured I'd be helping people get jacked and shredded, since that was always my own goal when I first started out, but I realized pretty quickly that helping people lose fat, tone up, and feel comfortable with their health was actually pretty rewarding.

Coming from being scrawny and insecure, it was actually really eye-opening to see what overweight people had been struggling with.

Being passed over for promotions at work. Being lectured by the doctor every single visit. Being the "Fat parent" amongst their kids' friends. One of my clients told me he couldn't actually tie his shoes without holding his breath.

And to make matters worse, the information online around losing weight is awful. To say it's all one big scam might be a bit of an understatement.

So that was when I realized that coaching fat loss might be what I might want to specialize in.

Spending my time helping people skip the insanely long learning-curve that I had to deal with. Helping them burn more fat, instead of burning through their cash on products that didn't actually work.

To say that focusing on all of that was the best decision of my life would be the truest truth.

Yeah, I know it's cheesy. You expect to hear some story about how Person X loves helping Group Y and it's the most fulfilling thing ever. That's just marketing right?

Well that's where you'd be wrong buddy.

I'm not going to sit here and lie that money isn't a motivator.

We all do what we do because it helps pay the bills, and ideally leaves us with some extra cash to go and live a little.

But when I say that coaching is my passion, I could not be more honest with you. 

It's why I actually moved away from in-person coaching to focus on online coaching--with online coaching, I can help more people at a more affordable price than I could with in-person coaching.

It's why I've created so many free guides that actually help people out (you ever download a free guide just to find it almost useless? I hate that feeling, so I always try to make sure my free guides are even better than other coach's paid guides).

It's why I run a free fat loss group on Facebook where I post up practical tips to help people see better results (along with some occasional jokes so the group doesn't bore people to death). I'm talking about free, science-based advice AND regular Question & Answer sessions at absolutely no charge. Is it as good as my paid coaching program? Obviously not, but I also know that my free Facebook group blows most other paid programs out of the water.

So yeah, I obviously like making money while pursuing my passion and helping other people feel better with what they see in the mirror. Who wouldn't love that?

But I also know the struggle you're facing better than 99% of people out there.

I know how frustrated you might be if you've been overweight for years.

I know how wary you can be about investing in a program when you've already spent hundreds (if not thousands) on other coaches that didn't get you to your goal.

And I know that in the fitness industry, there's not a lot of empathy for people trying to lose weight. Everyone seems to be talking about "how bad do you want it?" while ignoring how hard it can really be to overcome years of bad habits.

And that was the real reason I wanted the before and after photo at the top of the page.

Not to mislead anyone. Not to pretend like I had always been overweight to create some false connection between you and me.

But because I wanted to show that I have walked the walk with myself and my clients.

To show that there is a science-based method out there that works for pretty much anyone, and doesn't require overpriced supplements or unsustainable training methods.

The before and after was there to show you that if you have the right support, and you put the right habits into place, you can lose fat for good.

You don't have to become shredded like I did. You might not even want to be anywhere near that lean (that's totally cool with me).

But if you want to be happy with what you see in the mirror, stop getting lectured by your doctor, and just have some damn energy throughout your day, then it is doable. And you've come to the right guy to help you out with that.

Ready to turn your health and physique around?