What Is Flexible Dieting?

By Lance Jeffers | Uncategorized

Which Diet Is The Best For Fat Loss? Ketogenic diets, Paleo diets, Vegan diets…It seems like every other month a new diet is “in” and people are all trying it out, hoping the new diet is the Holy Grail they have been searching for.That magic diet which allows them to lose their fat and eat […]

“Get Started” Work-out For Fat Loss

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Looking for an easy way to get started with exercise?Getting started with exercise is a lot easier said than done. Most of us only last 2-4 weeks before we get seduced by the siren-song of our living room sofa.The largest issue is that people make exercise WAY harder than it needs to be. Blame ​The […]

The Soreness Myth

By Lance Jeffers | Exercise

Everyone knows that if you’re not sore after a workout, then it didn’t really do anything for you, right? Then again, everyone used to think the world was flat and they were more than a little wrong. You probably associate soreness with productive workouts because when you do a new, challenging workout your muscles will […]

Why you can’t lose 7 pounds of fat in a week

By Lance Jeffers | Nutrition

You hear it all the time. “I just started this new diet and lost 10 pounds of fat this week!” “This new cleanse can help you lose 20 pounds of fat in 2 weeks!” It’s tempting to believe these statements but there’s one major problem: they’re wrong. Let me explain. Most people tend to confuse fat […]