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Access the Leaner For Life core modules, the Healthy Eating Template, the Recipe Book, and the Novice Workouts in this section of the member's area. 

Do not go through any other sections until you have visited this one and gathered all of your starting materials!

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Other Member's Area Content


Links to send the growing number of workouts to your smartphone via the Physique Results app.

Getting Started with Exercise

Access the lessons (from beginner to advanced) that will guide you on how to effectively work out based on your skill level. Strongly recommended for all individuals who are going to the gym.

Also contains the "Walking for Exercise" Module


This section contains videos where I address common fitness / nutrition / health concepts, and demonstrate whether it's legit or not. 

The perfect section to check if you hear something and you're not sure whether it's true or not.

Mindset and Adherence

This section contains content related to improving your mindset and adherence around fitness / nutrition. 


Covers various nutrition topics outside of the core modules, including an Advanced Look at Energy Balance; How to Maintain Weight Lost; and Setting Up a Food Log with the Right Macros.


Covers topics not addressed in the Getting Started With Exercise section, such as Understanding NEAT; Comparing Different Forms of Exercise; and more.

Emotional Eating

Coming Soon!

Emotional Eating is heavily addressed in the Core Modules (found in the Start Here section up top), so make sure to go through that in the meantime.

Leaner For Life part 2

This section contains a series of lessons that I think are extremely important for lifelong success, but which didn't really fit neatly into the core 12 modules found in the Start Here section at the top of this page. 

The lessons in this section will handle a lot of things that most people neglect, but are actually valuable areas to improve. 

This section becomes available to you during your 12th week of membership. Until then, just focus on going through the Core Modules in the Start Here section!

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