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Mesa Personal Trainer

"It's definitely a complete turnaround.

I've lost like 10 pant sizes and gone down 2 shirt sizes, so I can definitely enjoy life a lot more.

People definitely treat you differently"
- Jacob Nanney, Xerox

"Lance has been the ideal personal trainer as far as I'm concerned. He has sent personalized texts to check on my progress, and he has passed along videos that help me with specific injuries or issues we've talked about in our sessions. That lets me know his clients aren't just a number - he truly wants us to succeed.

I have complete faith in him because he does his research, trusts science, and doesn't get caught up in some trendy method.  I feel better, I look better, I play better. What more could you want? Highly recommend Lance and Physique Results!"
- Steve Atherton, Golf Instructor

Adam Wilcox Server

I have been training at physique results for just under four months. The results have been amazing. He helped set realistic expectations and has delevered on results. Though we still have work to do my future goals seem not only attainable but the inevitable result of long term application of the fitness and nutrition skills Lance has taught me. If your ready to make permanent change and become the healthiest and best version of yourself, I couldn't recommend a better facility. They will create a custome program that will help you achieve lasting results. If you show up and put in the work, with their coaching and instruction you will evolve into a healthy, confident, physically active, and mentally stronger individual.

Eric lost 27 pounds in 6 weeks! Hear what he has to say in the video above.

I have been training at Physique Results for about 3 months now and it has changed my life when it comes to my health. The coaches are very knowlegable in their craft and I honestly don’t think there is a question that they haven’t had a good answer for. Physique Results has not only changed my views on working out and getting fit physically, but also on nutrition, how I look at food and mentally with how I look at myself and having a more positive outlook on my health and my progress.”
Lambrielle Rubio
Massage Therapist

I've never worked so hard and felt so good about it before in my life. A trainer who truly understands the physical needs of his clients and is also supportive. I'm currently working with Physique Results and I look forward to leaving another review about my progress

Frank Wade
Google Marketing Expert

Randy Packer has lost over 30 pounds since we started working together, is stronger than he's ever been, and can keep up with his 2 kids.

Check out the video to see what he has to say about working with Physique Results.